Gigs I'm going to..........eventually

That was fun.

Blurrygram I think at least conveys the feel of the place.


Gaudi, Youth, Alex P etc. are playing a place down the road from me on Saturday. And the wife is away.

But it’s billed as 8pm until 3am and there’s a support and you know it’s not really going to get going until midnight and I’m too old for this sh1t :frowning_face:

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Omg where?

Fox & Firkin, Lewisham.

About 20 minutes on the bus for me.


Anyhow, another day, another upstairs toilet in East London.

Straight Girl opening for Benefits at Oslo in Hackney. Not Norway.

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Alas a massive pain for me to get to from NW London but I will try. Was just listening to Astronaut Alchemists on my way home.

Lady Maisey at Firth Hall

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Trans-finery - more petrochemical products than an oil-refinery…

Yes, I will enjoy my ban.

Mary Gauthier and Jaimee Harris at The Stables in Milton Keynes last night -

Not only was MG on the finest form I’ve seen her in years, Jaimee is hugely talented in her own right and superbly musically compatible duetting with Mary, as well as, well, you know, clearly a good couple. Which is nice.


Cat Myers is effing brilliant.

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As a point of technicality, I suspect that’s drag rather that trans gettup.

Just back from a great evening with Auka, a trio of Uni Sheff music graduates who deserve to be more widely heard.

Their album Evergreen is on Bandcamp


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Well now. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but…