Gigs I'm going to..........eventually

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Sheet. London date?

O2 :frowning_face:

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This time last week I was on the front row watching Martyn Joseph who was very good and next weekend will be watching The Beat at The Forum, T.Wells. :slight_smile:


The Lathums at Wigan Roller Rink. Massive venue for local lads done good. Second show of the day and tonight’s for the hardcore fans, it’s getting fucking mental! :smiley:


Obligatory gig red stripe

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Saw The Lathums at King Tuts Feb 2020 just as they were on the verge of becoming massive, there was a real buzz about them and the place was jumping. Was a great gig. Then covid hit and knocked them back a bit, hopefully they make it proper mainstream.

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London festivals fleshing out their line-ups :thinking:

Wide Awake have added the Viagras and Warmduscher amongst others

Beware gigs in Birmingham!!

At the Troxy for the Viagras.

What a fucking horrible venue.

Queue half an hour to get in, half an hour for the toilet, half an hour for a beer.

Fuck you.

I used to live just along the road from there just as it opened. Never managed to make it to a gig though, I think it was mostly club nights at that time :frowning:

The queue for the toilet now stretches half way across the main hall.

Most of the cash tills went down. “Give me your card and I’ll go and tap it over there”.



We went to see Orbital in a one off gig in George Square in Glasgow. Was a total shambles, queued up from when we got in till the bar closed and we were still about 50 from the front. They then had to reopen the bar as there was a near riot. By the time we got a drink the concert had finished.

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We did the same thing only in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh. Mid-90s, 94-95? I’m guessing that the events were connected.

My back had gone so I spent most of the gig sitting on the ground :laughing:

This years gig in our back garden will be Lizzie Hardingham. Should be lovely that. She did a crowdfunding thing for her new album so I chipped in a few quid. In return I get a gig in me back garden.


Just back from an evening with two of my favourite musicians (tonight’s gig was inside)


Wednesday was a house concert with this quartet from Vermont

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Mike @MJ2 you going ?