Gigs I'm going to..........eventually

That’s a blast from the past… Unemployed in Summertime was a favourite song of mine for years in my yoof…

Loraine James, in her “Whatever The Weather” guise - hall 2 King’s Place.

Supposedly “360 degree sound”. I have no idea what that means.

It means in-the-round, with PA on a high gantry around the audience, and a central hub of four cabs firing outwards, again mounted high.

Artist’s own photo of her kit from last night.

I thought the miniature keyboard said “Akai” on the back but didn’t really believe it.

No idea what the Connect 4 thing is.



Cool. Thank you.

I’ve seen the name but assumed that it was software for e.g. a Mac, rather than a physical object.

Eels last night. Great show!


How do you get these great photos?

Moshing right down the front, or good camera?

With my phone things look quite distant even if I’m 10’ from the band.

Lol, iphone (14) and about 10ft away.

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The Eels have always been great live. Thinking of picking up a couple of tickets for Glasgow on Sunday if Claire can get her shift swapped. Did they finish with a cover version?

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Set list: EELS Concert Setlist at Roundhouse, London on March 27, 2023 |


Would have liked to have gone :slight_smile: as I really like the Eels, they’re playing Southampton Guildhall next week but the acoustics in there are truly awful.

Place just sucks the life out so in front of the speakers it may be over 100dB but go 20ft back and it sounds like they’re singing into a paper bag. Shame as it’s a nice place and easy to get to but I’ve never heard a good gig there :frowning:

Reg Meuross this evening at Cafe#9. Very enjoyable.


What a superb setlist.