Gigs I'm going to


Seeing them at the De La Warr soon


They are a one trick pony band. Great first Album and Live Album and the rest is meh IMHO


London Grammar in Manchester tomorrow night, anyone going?


i’ll be going to the Brum gig, let us know what you think…


The support band, Palace, soooo wish they were The Durutti Column. They’re not, though…


My favourite band of all time. Wonderful music…


Aimee Mann next week.


where is she playing? wouldn’t mind trying to make that…




What time did they come on stage?
Rock City says doors half six but I’ll be very late. Guessing nine?


Yes, around 9. I wouldn’t worry about missing the support band too much.

The songs off Every Valley really make a lot of sense when seen with the allied film clips, they carry a lot more impact. Perhaps the album should have come with a DVD…


London Grammar in Manchester last night.
Superb both aurally and visually, fantastic light show as well as amazing sound quality.
Hannah’s voice live is just sublime.
Would have been nice if they had done another twenty minutes it wasn’t a long set, but they were fab.


What was the set length?


They did one and quarter hours including encore.


You woz robbed!


Not really, they were fab, I just wanted more.
Tickets on black market are going around £125 so I guess my £39 was fair.

BTW support band LO Moon were excellent too.


Rather a short set leaving you wanting more…
Than an overblown one you want out of!


I’d go again in a heartbeat.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bigger fan now I’ve seen them live.


we are off to see them in Brixton at the end of the moment