Gigs I'm going to


Hmmm that’s weird should be “end of the month”


Breeders supported by Pins last night

Both excellent if like a little thrashy guitar pop

Never been to the Electric Ballroom before. Great venue for this sort of gig, can’t have been a thousand there and the sound was excellent stood behind the sound booth.

Breeders, Kim was on good form, full of smiles and looking like she was enjoying herself. A far cry from the last time I saw her chain smoke her way through a Pixies gig. The rhythm section was tighter than a tight thing with Jim’s drum’s fair old exploding under the effort when required. Kelly, she’s good, though prone to a gaff and all the happier for it. I didn’t ever expect to see this band live, five years ago Jo Wiggs didn’t expect to play these tunes again so it was a treat to see them in an appropriate venue.

Arrived as Pins were getting going not knowing who they were but they quickly managed to connect with the audience and captured the attention. Quick look at their back catalogue online subsequently and they come across better live.


Nadine Shah, earlier this evening in that London.


Great picture. How was it?


Placebo cancelled :neutral_face:


Good, she can put on a decent show. Quality live singer. We both really enjoyed it.


Yeah, can’t make it to Brixton on Monday and trying to sell the tickets so not sure how that’s going to work out.


Manchester Orchestra at the O2, Birmingham tomorrow.

Can’t wait for this one.


Martin Simpson at the Stables tomorrow


Bollocks. Didn’t even know that one was on :confused:


Just checked this. Manchester, Bristol and London.


PSB at the De La Warr tonight


Good at Rock City but the acoustics are a bit shit and it muddied the sound for me.


London grammar brum couple nights ago. Short but certainly candidate for best live vocalist playing at the mo. Can only think of Adele in the pop world who could compete (and her potty mouth gets on my tits).

I’ve found the latest album a bit unimaginative production wise but live her voice lifts the material out of the ordinary


Lost Horizons, a new band featuring Simon Raymonde the bassist from Cocteau Twins and drummer Richie Thomas from Dif Juz making their live debut on 30th October at Leaf on Bold Street in Liverpool.

Really looking forward to this as both of their former bands are long-term fixtures in my listening. Raymonde of course also contributed heavily to This Mortal Coil and runs the Bella Union label who are supposed to be releasing Spiritualized’s new LP allegedly.


Great venue too


I heard their song ‘Bones’ on the radio last week.

Really enjoyed it… the vocals were very Kate Bushy.


I’ve not been there for a gig before, but I often stop off for a cup of tea and a sensibly priced muffin (:money_mouth_face:) during my regular weekend unloading of the contents of my wallet into the various local new and second-hand record shops.


we’ll be seeing them in Brixton next Monday


You hadn’t mentioned.