Gigs I'm going to


Thing that struck me was that so rarely does a live voice sound soooo much better than recording, and the PA sound be absolutely immaculate. Only other that’s had the same effect in recent times was maybe Gregory P, prepare to be impressed.


You’re kidding, right?


Off to Steely Dan and Doobies at O2 on Sunday, SD a bit depleted obviously, but looking forward regardless.

Anyone else going?


No, normally I pick fault with the sound at mainstream gigs, not being able to hear vocals, sound being off or patchy. Plenty shows I’ve been to in recent years have been let down by poor sound. Recently saw Feist, whose voice should have been showcased in the same way but was lost in the mix for some of the set.

Same with thundercat, the guy has a sweet voice but was buried by drums and synth.


I think what you are saying is the voice will always be better than the record…

But nasty acoustics and poor mixing can ruin it a bit.

I concur. I’ve been to some horrible sounding live shows.


In reply to my own posting, and despite what a few of you say about PSB, they were fucking brilliant last night. Great gig !!


Little Dragon at The Roundhouse tomorrow.


had I not? must be getting forgetful…


I like PSB but they are very much a one trick pony IMO. But I do really like their track.


I understand what you’re saying (there’s a touch of Colourbox in what they do), but I was pleasantly surprised at how good they are live. I’d definitely go again


I have tried so hard to like them but really struggle - bit like the Chemical Brothers as well…


Nope, this would be consistent with my view. They are very good live, as evidenced by the live LP, but they just are varied enough to be that interesting over the course of several studio LPs and EPs

I never got the Chemical Brothers, or Fatboy Slim if we are looking at the big selling UK acts of that era. I think that Public Service Broadcasting are a little more original in what they do. Not in the league of Aphex Twin, Fuck Buttons or The Prodigy in terms of providing a real tweak to the genre while selling tons of records though.


PSB - no trick ponies.


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, supported by Tift Merrit tonight at the Brighton Dome.


PSB - Pony :+1:


Godspeed You! Black Emperor tomorrow!


Free Kamasi Washington gig on Tuesday night :sunglasses:


Tift Merritt has to be the best suportt act I have seen in years.


I thought PSB meant Pet Shop Boys…


Just noticed Psychic Lemon are playing down the road from me on Thursday, and it’s free entry!!