Gigs I'm going to


Joan As Policewoman in Hove in March


tomorrow at the Southbank - The Unthanks


I would be all over that.


I think the presale is Friday. My mate’s company has the contract for Ride so I am hoping for freebies :thinking:


Blockheads tonight with my Daughter,her first gig.

From when i saw them last summer;




Is that Roy Wood on the left?



Superb stuff,really good night;


Please tell me Phil Jupitus has got fuck all to do with them now?


As far as i know he hasn’t for sometime.
Would love to see Baxter Dury with them,but no doubt he wants to carve out his own separate career.


Whoa…tighter than a gnat’s chuff.
With the aptly named Norman Fuckin Watt Roy


Ticket just arrived for Paul Draper next month.

Half the gig is his new album,other half is Attack of the grey lantern,which is nice.


Subhumans, Thursday.


Moon Duo at Hare & Hounds in couple of weeks - nephews first gig.


They have a new e.p. out which you should be able to get at the gig. Their cover of ‘No Fun’ is great live.


Hare and Hounds Kings Heath? My local. Didn’t realise they were returning Saw them there a year or two ago.


Lucky to have that as your local, loads of great bands :+1:

Do you go to The Kitchen Garden, keep meaning to try a folk gig there


My teenage haunt. Basically if you went in and Pixies were playing on the jukebox then I was in there :slightly_smiling_face: