Gigs I'm going to




Trampled by Turtles at Hare & Hounds was one of my favourite gigs


Sorry you must have confused me with your lonely adolescence there grandad :older_man:t2:


People found me interesting because I was a musician. I also had access to drugs. I doubt that gymnastics were quite so “street”. The drugs bit however…:smirk:


Stopped reading right there because it just wasn’t remotely believable.

You really have post rationalised just what a boring cunt you are as some kind of sad coping mechanism

Besides which you like prog so you’re just so uncool and always have been :sushing_face:




I’m going to bed now but yellow Ernie will be along at some point to continue pointing out your inadequacies.



There is a recent pervading miasma of mung bean and tofu based overcompensation on this thread :smirk:. I’m sure you were a marvellous example of Linda Macartney-fuelled masculinity in your prime, a veritable carrot-stained Casanova amongst the flower of Brum’s mid-1980’s womanly distractions.

As for @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi, he was a drummer so nothing you can say will affect him, as he won’t understand.


You’re a fucking mung bean :sushing_face:


I surrender in the face of such an overwhelming display of wit.



I just put it in terms I thought you’d be able to grasp.


Hah and he had the cheek to try to pass himself off as a musician. Roadie at best :joy:


Cunts :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The first couple of EPs were brilliant, but that concept album, yech.


Sprouts of Wrath?


‘Turnip or turn it loose’ on 12” was their dance floor filler.





I wanted to go to this but leaving for France for a wedding feast. Gutted


I’m going to the Macka B though