Gigs I'm going to


Aswad in October at ‘Under the Bridge’


One that I won’t be going to, sadly. The Liverpool Psychfest is cancelled for 2018.

To be fair, it was dying on its arse a bit last year…


Shame. I wonder what will happen to Bristol Psyche Fest, which was massively under-attended last year.


The psyche scene has been very flat for a couple of years. Good new releases are few and far between. There is plenty of derivative and uninspiring tosh about though and sadly these bands were being books far too regularly. Needs to broaden the remit a bit to survive I think.


Prog is the answer. Also flutes. Hey, what about flutey Prog ? That could be a thing :+1:


Few grammar boo-boos corrected, but on the whole I agree.

EDIT: alternatively, just get to fuck as promptly as possible with your flutey prog bollocks.


And here I was trying to help :roll_eyes:


Don’t. Because cunt.





Fucking MEH!


I like flutes. There. I’ve said it. Flutes are great. I like jazzy flute, funky flute, proggy flute, bamboo flute, champagne flute. All the flutes.

Except James Last.


There is an exceptional amount of fail in this thread recently. Jazzy, Japanese and classical flute are OK. The rest can get to fuck. Along with pan-pipes, penny whistles (unless deployed by The Pogues), recorders and piano accordions. And James Last.


Dats cos there’s only one fucker left in L’pool who still likes it…:laughing:


Massive attack Eden project,


Very jealous :angry:


Not going,but maybe ok,or not;


Going to see Elbow in March at the Genting Arena at the NEC. Looking forward to it (an early Birthday gift). Haven’t been to that venue in years.


Might be of interest to the one or ten of you who liked this



Only UK show this year. They are only playing one other show AFAIK at Roadburn.