Gigs I'm going to


Jimmy Cliff at the Roundhouse in Camden, 4th July


Anyone else going to see Mary Gauthier in Milton Keynes on Wednesday? Seems there’s still some tickets left:


It turns out that Field Day festival (which I’ve been to the last two years) is being held in Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, this year.

Google tells me that this is 1.2 miles from my house.

Win, win, win.


That’s where my mum used to push me around in the pram when I was a wee baby :grinning:


nice we enjoyed what we saw of that last year, before had to rush off to see Depeche Mode


Is that where the lido is?


That’s the one. Known to some as “Brixton Beach”. It’s really nice now.


Went to a great Rob da bank day there years ago , they had fake bush singing wuthering heights in a rubber dinghy in the pool, as much as I can remember


Hopefully babybird in May


Back on the edge of Milton Keynes to see Red Priest on Friday :star_struck:


Was on the same edge of Milton Keynes last night to see Andrew McCormack’s Graviton, and a very fine gig it was as well !


Decent venue, isn’t it? You going on Friday?


No, we’re off to York on Friday for a weekend of grandparenting ! Would probably have gone otherwise.

We like the Stables, but don’t go half as much as we ought to, despite it being on our doorstep, relatively speaking - 20 minutes away !


Went to see Mik Artistik last night at Northampton Labour Club. Great night capped by winning first prize in the raffle, vinyl copy of latest album.

Off to see Iron & Wine on Tuesday at a slightly more up market venue, Symphony Hall in Birmingham.


British Sea Power in Reading Monday night. :grin:


I’m off there too with the wife, right looking forward to it


We’ve never been


I love that joint. Perfect place to get leathered before a gig with very good beer at decent prices. I think the last time I was there was before a Durutti Column gig at a joint around the corner called the Soundhaus, although I might have been to a Slipstream gig there since then. Always struck me as an ideal place to see the Fall play.


Spare ticket for Iron & Wine tonight. If you can get to Birmingham Symphony Hall for 7-30 you are welcome to it.


Pete can you not make it now ?

We are there now