Gigs I'm going to


Yes,both at the Eden project so think they could both be corkers.


Went to see Steven Wilson at the Warwick Arts Centre last night with @DiveDeepDog. Excellent gig and not at all progy. Great band including an incredible drummer and Nick Beggs (ex-bassist from Kajagoogoo). Well worth seeing if you get the chance.


Forgot to say that I got tickets for the Manics and Mogwai at Meltdown in June.

NIN was totes sold out.


Best not to say that out loud in The Lamplighter … :smile:


The barkeep did look at me a bit funny when I asked him for a schooner of organic knitted quinoa.


Actually, I take that back.

They have smashed avocado on the menu.

They’re hipsters like the rest of them.


Laura Viers in June at Brighton Komedia


After C&J you should pop in to Olde England. Proper beards in there …


are they serving S&M in a windowed pint jug?


Hopefully be seeing The Damned in Warrington in August with Sam, Borats and Becs if timing works out :+1:


Just pondering whether Bad Manners are worth seeing for laugh…They are playing in Hertford soon.


They are playing in a little venue down here soon.


No, just beer


I’m off to the massive attack at Eden stu


Gig of the year as far as we are concerned; Bass Forward curated by Don Letts, with live sets from Wiley and Congo Natty, and DJ sets from Jazzie B, Norman Jay and Don Letts - a perfect line in a nice venue (Somerset House)


Steven Wilson, The Sage, Gateshead.


Another gig here - if anyone’s anywhere near Whitchurch in Shropshire on Good Friday Percy’s is a groovy place to be…


Earplugs at the ready for tonight. I am going full jitter


Belated entry for Calexico at shepherds bush. Excellent!


Kacey Musgraves in London in October.