Gigs I'm going to


Recovering from Half Man Half Biscuit in Leamington last night.

Business as usual except Ken has hair, lots from Cammel Laird but no 24 hour garage :open_mouth:


enjoyed madam butterfly opera 2 nights ago , great live orchestra . bit shocked when she committed hari kari at the end and keeled over…then the curtain came down !! what a cheerful ending :joy:


Th girl dying at the end is the plot of every opera.
The only question is how.


Not quite, the bloke dies at the end of Don Giovanni.


Now you’ve fucking spoiled it :roll_eyes:


Apologies, spoiler tags put in for the uncultured.


I know, and I have tickets for tonight. Can’t be arsed to go now - think I’ll wait in for a Turan delivery instead.


British Sea Power Rock City nottm Friday night, the polar bear crowd surfed :scream_cat:

Waterboys Leicester De Montfort next Saturday, always a great show. With no album to promote it should be s varied setlist :+1:


Gomez tonight at the Cambridge Corn Exchange.


Sarah Munro tonight at the Greystones


And they were fucking awesome.


Pete Kember at The Moth Club tonight.

Still using that Yamaha keyboard. Cool it’s still working!


Just noticed that Radar Men From The Moon and Stereocilia are playing here in a fortnight. Got to be worth the £6.50 ticket price.


Yep, the blew us away at the Dome in Brighton. Great gig.


I thought that any opportunity to see them play live had long gone until I saw Kev’s post about the Brighton gig.
Very glad I did. :+1:


Bitchin’ Bajas at Oto.
Cooper said they just had most of their gear nicked in Italy… merda :frowning:
Still, like soaking into a bubblebath…

Support by The Hairdressers, a trumpet and cello duo who were also very engaging and enjoyable.


T’was good! Annoyed their set was so short but great there was little danger of missing the last train.


Not going, but might be of interest to some Hovies.


I am going to be at St George’s tomorrow night
But not to see Julie Byrne.
Irish folkies Lankum are on the bill tomorrow


Lynched tribute act :smile:

Great live