Gigs I'm going to


Missed the last tour, so will see if we can do the Bham o2 in August. Thnx.


Amplifier, tonight @The Exchange, Bristol


If your lucky they might do NVA as a encore with lots of pyrotechnics.



Storming 2.5 hour set from Amplifier this evening!


Feel your pain.
Best not mention 15th May 1976 then, with some special guest appearances…


saw them in summer 95 at Wembley Stadium. I was dragged along by my Stones fan mate. For me it was a waste of my time and money.


Ugh, Clapton in his freelance guitar and fascist/racist outburst period.


Field Day on Saturday. Just down the road from my house this year.

The bill has a pretty electronic bias - not many guitars around.

I’m just trying to decide who to (try to) see.

Currently I’ve picked out James Holden, Nils Frahm, and Helena Hauff.

Which leaves a whacking chunk of the rest of the day undecided.

Oh, and there should be lots of beer too :+1:


That looks good. Panda Bear might be worth watching. His last live set I saw was excellent.


Charlotte Gainsbourg for sure.
Thundercat … Marmite, but well worth checking out (lead balloon at a recent bake though)


Four Tet, AJ Tracey and Kurupt FM

we looked at going again but a bit too far and of course no Death Grips this year.


A 10 minute walk for me :wink:


Four Tet for me and Floating Points.


Maya Youssef tomorrow.


Everyone came expecting Earl Sweatshirt.

Got James Holden.

Fcuking epic.


Mick and Keef and Charlie and Ronnie.

My carriage awaits…


Fucking hell! :flushed: :metal::star_struck:



The the tomorrow,going to be a bloody long day

Venue looks cool though


Can you spread out across a few seats and get a decent night’s sleep?