Gigs I'm going to


System 7 were brilliant, but you really wouldn’t want to have any issues with photosensitive epilepsy.


Ulrich Schnauss and visual effects lady engaged in a particularly tricky game of three dimensional chess


Just had my insides rearranged by Leftfield.

The Orb next.


Not jealous at all, oh no. :smile:


Fuzzygram of Youth & Steve Hillage as part of the Orb

It only dawned on me when he walked onstage that the geezer in the queue for the bar earlier was Youth.


Bumped into a mate on the train back from London who was at The Roundhouse. He said they were selling tickets on the door for £20.

I’d assumed it would be sold out… Doh!


Yes. I think it was badly advertised. I only heard about it when the Roundhouse mailed me a couple of days ago (something they don’t normally do). I think I would have remembered that bill if I’d seen it previously.

It was very busy inside but they obviously had tickets available up until the last minute. I think the touts really caught a cold. Still, face value was only £32-ish.


Deep joy :+1::ok_hand::joy::grin::joy::grin::joy::grin:


Yes, I can’t say that I was heartbroken for them.


My favourite ever post on the Spiritualized Forum was a tout who got on to complain what a bunch of cunts the Spiritualized crowd was as he had lost his shirt at the debut performance for the entire ‘Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in Space’ album. Some of the responses were genuinely withering.


Quite fancy this:

Trying to convince Claire it would be a great night out, especially if they set the room up like the Sands…


Oh dear. Jazz Orchestra/Big Bands are the Jazz equivalent of pipe and slippers. Unless you stink of piss and have odd feet they are best avoided.


Yeah, but Fly Me To The Moon reasons.


Wrong because Maynard Ferguson. Who, in fairness, is unlikely to feature in much of the set list for the above.


I rest my case.


Fuck off Cape boy.:grinning:




In January I bought tickets to see Martin Simpson tonight.
Hadn’t considered Lopwell at the time

photo facepalmnh0.png


Next week:

Thursday - Jimmy Cliff at the Roundhouse
Friday - Roger Waters at Hyde Park
Saturday: Don Letts curated festival (Bass Forward) - Wiley, Congo Natty, Jazzie B and Norman Jay

Today I have mainly been V2.0

The Heads are also playing :ok_hand: