Gigs I'm going to


Jimmy Cliff last night at the Roundhouse. Excellent, and can still hold a tune at 76 years old


I would love to go, but I’ve the mother up for a birthday weekend,next year maybe



tonight, it may not be Pink Floyd but Roger Waters was amazing

I almost forgot Roger was supported by Seasick Steve who was very entertaining

followed by Richard Ashcroft of The Verve, who belted out loads of Verve hits but was a bit of an arrogant twat on stage.




T’was ever thus. It’s all part of the image isn’t it?


night 3 of gigs - jazzy b


Nice looking L Acoustics subs in front of you there.


congo Natty and Jazzy B


Me and Congo Natty


Louise with Jazzy B


Did she forget her clothes?


that’s my Mrs :smile:


Thoughts and prayers.


What was the event?



Wiley interrupts gig for Russia v Croatia penalties


got no idea who this is with Congo Natty, but a few moments earlier he was stood at the side of the stage smoking the biggest spliff I’ve seen in a while

this bloke in the hat appeared on stage- got no idea who he is

and Wiley


More chins than the Hong Kong phone book. :wink:


next Saturday - Liverpool International Music Festival; mainly for Wiley, but will be nice to see JazzieB and Steflon Don again…