Gigs I'm going to


Just got back from Steve Earle and the Dukes.

I have seen Steve a few times but tonight he and the band absolutely smashed it.
If he is playing anywhere near you don’t miss it.


Do the Masterons still play with him ?


Yes. Makes for a cheap support act too :grinning:


I saw him a couple of years ago, a great gig but he seemed a bit pissed off playing the Guitar Town and Copperhead Road stuff (which got the best reaction of the night)


I think I saw the same tour and he was definitely going through the motions at that time, but he has his mojo back now and the old catalogue was played like the songs were all fresh which was great to see.


GoGo Penguin… in November!


Very cool!


It’s not until next March, but I’ve just got tickets for this

The Barbican still has quite a few seats left, and not too pricey.

I first heard him on Late Junction with this, which stopped me in my tracks:



Gigs for September

Then in November:


Could be an interesting evening.

If the special guest is, er, special.

Will report tomorrow


There were rumours that there might be an appearance by local boy Richard D James & apparently it should’ve happened but didn’t. So what was left was basically a rave played through some very capable home built PA speakers (lots of PD units) which despite not really being immense (2M tall maybe) , did serve to remind that even in a modest space (30’ x 60’) there’s no substitute for lots of big drivers. Domestic speakers really need not apply. The Jungle stuff sounded great on them but I’m not proficient enough to identify the various other genres that the various dj’s were piling through them.

I don’t normally go to such things but the general vibe of this event was just so different to how it might have been 35-40 years ago. Alcohol consumption is way lower, I imagine more pills are being taken & everyone seemed to be having a great time…


Did you find stronzetto down the k hole? Please thrash him about the ears and face, he’s been sulking since the kite incident


Tom Robinson in October



Anybody fancy seeing Barry Adamson at the RNCM in Manchester?


New 2019 John Grant tickets announced.
February at Rock City anyone?

On sale at ten tomorrow.


How on Earth are they still standing, let alone gigging ?

Demolition War was part of the soundtrack of my youth.


New Order.

Ally Pally, on sale half nine.


Dead Can Dance at the Aula Magna in Lisbon. Tickets go on sale at 10:00. The gig is next year :angry:.


Tom Robinson Band playing ‘Power In The Darkness’, Norwich 03.10.18.
Excited already!