Gigs I'm going to


anyone going to be at Ally Pally for the Toots and Maytals today?


David Rodigan opening proceedings with some trouser flapping bass


Me to;


I would have known nothing about the tour if I hadn’t seen your post so :+1:


Lee Perry, a legend


Just been offered a free ticket to see Camel in Bath tomorrow night. Looking forward to it!


you can’t get the hump with that



Toots Hibbert at 75 can still crack out a tune

Lee Perry was the star of the show though - at 82 a real legend


The Camel gig was very good. The first half, they played Moonmadness without pause (or comment from the band members). That was excellent and it helped that I know the material. The second half was a bit patchy for me as I didn’t know much of the material. It was mostly foot-tapping though.

I was especially impressed by Pete Jones on keyboards, saxophone and vocals. The band seemed to really enjoy the gig too.


London Astrobeat Orchestra in Sheffield tomorrow
Dodo Street Band at Wirksworth on Saturday

and (warning, contains woodwind!)


I’ve got a VIP ticket to see Kylie at the B.I.C. on Saturday.


I’m going to see Sleaford Mods at the Roundhouse on the same night.

I think the two events will probably have very little in common.


I think a case of listening with the eyes rather than the ears?:joy:


Got tickets for First Aid Kit, but it’s in January.

Did tickets always have to be booked so bloody far in advance, back in the day? Seems I’m booking half my nights out alf a year in advance these days


Turns out my ticket isn’t VIP, but ‘Early Entry’.

Apparently this doesn’t mean what I thought it did…


How many times, to the nearest dozen, have you done a pre-gig dry-run ?


Nik Turner’s Brand New Space Ritual, tonight in Ipswich.

Should be an interesting evening… :boom:


Made it to the Spiritualized gig. Practically in the front row in front of the main man. Result!


Result Olan. Enjoy !