Gigs I'm going to


New album ok?
Enjoy it.


Well, it would have been interesting if the cunt had turned up. Had to spend several hours with my brother making small talk in obscure pubs instead. Then had to wait an hour for a train. Fuck my luck.


Just gave up on “Consumer Electronics”, the support for Sleaford Mods.

Even I have to draw the line somewhere on the “it’s just a racket” scale.


Enjoying the Dodo Street Band


Pretty much perfect.

Highlights were Giddy on the ciggies, Jobseeker and naturally Tweet tweet tweet.

Andrew is a much underestimated purveyor of beats.

That is all.


Yeah, but, this is the human race



Not really a gig but hopefully as entertaining
The stage version of Anaïs Mitchell’s Hadestown


Just had a listen to them on Bandcamp.Ooof…:flushed:


Lee Scratch Perry, York next March


@Kevin Might be of interest. Not sure if they are playing down your way.


Thanks Nick,
looks like that is their only UK gig after a European tour, I suppose they may as well do a gig in London if they are flying back to the USA!



You thinking of going stu?


Yes,bought a ticket earlier,only £8.80


I know I haven’t got the winkles, but need to make sure the Mrs hasn’t anything planned I know nowt about.

Otherwise I’m in


Booked I’m in @stu


Aswad on Friday at ‘Under The Bridge’


Never thought I’d get to hear it live.

If you can, Just. Go.


Was fantastic
So glad I bothered