Gigs I'm going to


Still wearing the same shirt…
Last night’s gig was in the old Anglia TV studios, home of ‘Sale of the Century’. And now, live from Norwich…
I thought the ‘new’ TRB band were brilliant, we had a great night.


How is the Plough as a venue?


Very good,similar size to the Phoenix maybe slightly smaller in the hall



Brilliant, thanks for that.

You can nearly see the back of my head. :grinning:


Villagers at the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham tonight.


The new album is a cracker. Enjoy.


How was the gig Mark ?

Would like to see Conor again.


The best yet! The new album works really well live. Took my daughter and she seemed to enjoy it too.


The mighty Mastodon.

Brixton (a 10 minute bus journey, there’s handy).

Next January.


Tom Baxter at the Stables next Friday. His new album is a real return to form.



Just on the train on the way home from Kacey Musgraves at Wembley Arena and she was superb.

Surprisingly, so were the support act - an American band called Soccer Mommy. Reminded me of The Sundays.


Barry Adamson, RNCM tonight


Fred’s House at Brafield on the Green.

John Bramwell in Kettering.

Crazy times ahead.


He is doing solo gigs? Have I am Kloot folded or does he just do occasional solo stuff?


As far as I know Kloot are still going. They go off and do their own stuff a fair bit.
The John Bramwell album sounds very good. The gig is in a church. Should be nice that.
He may even be coming to a place near you.


Will have a look at that.


Massive Attack

Manchester. Big stadium tour!


I’m going to the Dublin show. May give MCR a go too, but I detest the venue.