Gigs I'm going to


Best bit is the wife wants to come. She was bowled over a bit by the wall of noise and bass at the Leicester gig a few years back.
Seriously good live. Not sure about a big arena…


Wife’s best pal came to that one & found the De Montfort Hall Mosh Pit a bit full on.
So moved to the back…where some tosser puked on her shoes.
Oi did larf.


Anyone fancy Low at the Barbican (1st Feb)?

@Wayward @coco + all other miserablists.


Sure, why not!


I have a ticket already, isn’t it sold out now or is this another date?


Ah shit, is it? I looked at the Birmingham gig and there’s tickets but I’m busy for that.


There weren’t many left when I obtained…


There’s a few avvailable at the back of the balcony. I didn’t realise they’re all seated.


Bollocks - how did I miss this?


I can get us in at the back if you like.


S’ok thanks, we’re members (and hence get discount) so probably best if we try it from this end.

Still puzzling over how we missed this - seen them at the Barbican several times.


This, live,

this Thursday at Grappenhall near Warrington




Ooh, not listened to them in a while. Really warrants a revisit.


The Revolution - Shepherds Bush O2 Feb 2019


and excellent it was. Even comfy seats in the church, and a good pub next door.


The Damned and Johnny Moped, Norwich tomorrow.


The Unthanks at The Stables in May


Field Day is in bloody Enfield next year.

That’s one gig I’m not going to.


I just got that email as well. Even though it is quite close to me, I don’t think I’d want to go to Enfield.