Gigs I'm going to


Actually, TfL reckons it may not be so bad - an hour and 20.

Still not a 10 minute walk though.


not too far from us if drving. Public transport will probably mean into Moorgate, walk to Liverpool Street and back out.


Smash it up. A great night was had.


Unkle. Southbank Centre, April next year.


I can’t decide on the Celebration Package or the Grand :thinking:


I saw the Damned for the first time in 30 odd years back in Feb. They were great fun and super tight in comparison to how they used to be.


If it’s music that you love: you’re a long time dead, buy the best view you can afford.


I’m going Grand cos Narelle doesn’t want to go.


Coda Restaurant in RAH serves a lovely dinner


With the ticket prices as they are, I’ll settle for Five Guys.


Now sold out.


Tickets sorted already for the Astral Festival on July 6th. This is the rebadged Bristol Psych Fest. £20 for a day of bands split over 3 venues. This year’s fest was cracking. As well as catching favourites such as The Heads, it was an opportunity to discover bands previously unheard, such as (in my case) Slift and Fumaca Preta. All fueled by some nice cider and halloumi wraps from St Nicks market just up the road.


They were great, nice to have Paul Gray back on bass for proper ‘Black Album’ authenticity. The Captain demonstrated what a fantastic guitarist he is as well.


I see they played ‘Curtain Call!’ Or maybe that was Brighton?That must have been fun.
When I saw them the set centred around ‘Strawberries’, which on reflection is full of great, feel good pop songs. They never took themselves seriously honestly and the campy blend of Vanian and Sensible is still entertaining. I had the feeling they were enjoying themselves and weren’t just going through the motions. I’d go and see them again. Nought wrong with a bit of nostalgia here and there. :+1:


Yep, they did a shortened version of Curtain Call and lots of others from the Black Album. Captain Sensible is a national treasure and they certainly seemed to be having a great time. Interesting to see all the middle aged ex punks in the audience!


Middle aged :rofl::rofl::pray:,


Just ordered my ticket :+1:

Didn’t want to miss this years. Long journey, no beer, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.


Halftime at the Martin Simpson + Martin Taylor gig. A bit good!


Off to see Martin Simpson and Martin Taylor tonight at the Ropetackle in Shoreham.

Not one but two guitar virtuosi


Pete Murphy & David J at the Ritz on Tuesday
40 years of Bauhaus