Gigs I'm going to


Yep, April 5th. :grin:


The Kaiser chiefs with the wife …I can’t wait :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just back in from The Delines (Willy Vlautin’s new band). Absolutely magnificent gig in the Unitarian Chapel on Ullet Road in Liverpool. One of the best gigs I’ve been to in many a long year. The acoustics in the venue were unbelievable. They even played a tune (I’m Just A Ghost) using the fairly hefty pipe organ in the church.

Apologies for the poor photographs.


Saw them on the Colfax tour a few years ago and am going to see them in Brighton on Feb 6th
There are no pipe organs in the Haunt though!


Missed the opportunity to see Richmond Fontaine a few years ago because I’m a lazy twat. Willy Vlautin is hugely talented, both musically and as a writer. :+1:


Wonderful gig. I spent most of it just drifting through the music with my eyes closed. Lovely not to have a load of muppets chattering through the quieter segments.


I’ve only ever seen Vlautin play in Churches. I saw Richmond Fontaine at a lovely little venue in a suburb of Melbourne called Northcote. The place is a former Wesleyian Chapel, hence it is called the Wesley Anne.

Feckin’ brilliant venue.


Ironically the gig I missed was also in a former church (Norwich Arts Centre)


A lurker chips in, I was there as well.


What did you think of it Jon?


I enjoyed it, I’d not heard of them until a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t think the acoustics did them any favours, I’m Just a Ghost was tremendous though. I’m going to Laura Viers next week in The Jacaranda shop/bar on Seel st, , be interesting to see what the acoustics are like in there.


Ha ha, I thought the acoustics were great. :crazy_face: There again, in a space like that there are likely to be large differences in sound depending on where you were sitting.


Yes, I think I’ve been spoilt by going to The Music Room at The Phil every couple of weeks, best venue in the city I think.


Sleaford Mods at the 100 Club.

350 capacity so I got in on the pre-sale because reasons.

Peculiarly chuffed.


Bring your hipflask. The last time I was there the beer was poisonous and priced to kill.


I was there last year and the beer was Red Stripe, it was no more expensive than any other London Venue.


I rest my case.


in the category it sits in, and compared to the piss they serve at other venues (Carling, Heineken etc) Red Stripe is ok.

According to what I read, they are also selling Camden Brewery beer and Brew Dog…


That is new and a welcome improvement.


I know - I didn’t see any of that last year.