Gigs I'm going to


Good news - I’ll keep an eye out for something local to me as I never managed to catch Richmond Fontaine so would like to see them.


They have a mailing list. Check out their Bandcamp or Decor Records.


Will do Olan thanks :+1:


I think the last time I did Reading was 1983, but maybe this year? :thinking:


Looks like Charlie Parr has just released dates for a UK tour, highly recommend seeing him live.


we went a few years back. It was OK, felt it was way too large…….

We stayed in the Holiday Inn next to the site. Walked in ok, but when we left at night we were so pissed we left by the wrong exit, and ended up so far away from the hotel we needed to get a taxi


In the audience waiting for the Rheingan sisters to come on, and laughing at Westminster


They are great, where are you ?

Couldn’t get in to see them at Sidmouth last year.


Sheffield, the Greystones. They grew up in the Peak, where their dad is a violin maker and musician.


Have a good night, any support ?


Just them, from the looks of the stage. Leveret tomorrow night. Looking forward to both.


I have seen The Rheingans and Leveret at Sidmouth, both excellent.

Rheingans latest album is great, worth a visit to merch if you haven’t already got a copy


Anaïs Mitchell at the Stables MK booked.
@cobbler are you going Pete?


Thanks for heads up Nick, will book up


That was a lovely gig, they show such delight in playing together. They’re on tour so keep a look out. Bought the last two albums.


Heard so much good stuff about The Delines its off to Nottingham I go Nov 4th.
Any singer that gigs whilst recovering from a car crash has to be supported.
Any Carnivorous Men going?


I think I’ll bag one. Not heard anything but I value the opinions of others and I have never been to this new venue.


The Metronome is a new one on me. Comments on here have been very +ve so I’ll see you there Steve.


Go for it. They are all over Spotify, TIDAL and Qobuz so not having heard them yet is an easy thing to fix.

As for the live bit, I went along a couple of months ago having listened to Colfax, the first LP, a couple of times and was transfixed by how good the gig was. OK, so I am a big fan of Richmond Fontaine so it wasn’t a big risk. It is a very long time since I had such a strong reaction to a gig, but YMMV so listen to a few streams.


Just booked tickets for Joan A Police Woman at my local venue, Leamington Assembly. Chuffed as it’s such a small venue.