Gigs I'm going to

Looking forward to schubert unfinished symphony on Sun in Brum symphony hall

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Farts sound good in there


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Got tickets for me and loin fruit to see Stephen Malkmus at the Hare & Hounds in September.


Just got in from an evening with these four

round the corner (pic from somewhere else).

Urban Folk Quartet. Tight as a very, very tight thing. Laughs too !



Ah, the UFQ. Blazin’ Joe Broughton and co., they are indeed very good.

Looks like May 2020 could be fun:

Hopefully they’ll resuscitate it a bit. The last one was a bit limp to say the very least.

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Went to see Cloudbursting last night they are a tribute band performing the music of Kate Bush. They were bloody awesome. The singer had her voice exactly right she was spot on and the band were fantastic. I’d recommend seeing them if you like Kate’s music.

Glen Tilbrook doing what I expect will be an acoustic set tomorrow in our local smallish arts centre. @stu going too. Should be good.

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Spectrum, @The Lanes, 14th May

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Friday night of the Fusion Festival in Liverpool looks good:

Meh! Even though it is just around the corner from me and an especially large MEH! for Echo & The Bunnymen who have been monumentally awful every time I’ve seen them since the Albert Hall gig in 1987 with Blair Cunningham on drums. I must have tried at least once every two years since and it is always just crap. This is a shame as they were dynamite from 1981-1986 live.

@Satanfriendly went to see them at a great little venue in St Helens, The Citadel . Something pissed The Mouth off and he stormed off stage.

Eventually Chris gave up waiting for him to come back and went to a nearby pub, where he found McCulloch, proceeding to get hammered…

Remember when the remnants of The Doors wanted him to be the ghost of Jim? And then they went for Astbury?

Still, wouldn’t mind seeing them again, and Franz Ferdinand.

The Bunnymen could play in the park bandstand, recreate the gig from 1982 when they were good.

Saturday looks better, would’ve have tempted me back to Liverpool had we not been on hols

They might have to let the bandstand out a bit before the gig could happen though. Some of the Bunnymen are evidently more replete than others. Killing Moon has morphed into Filling Spoon by the looks of it.


Selector, Brighton, 29 June

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