Would love those.
used to have a Murray bomb vase but sold it a few years ago due to unemployment reasons

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I can either try to pack them and post, or we’re going to be in Brighton a fortnight tomorrow if that’s any use for a socially distanced hand-off.

Are you allowed out yet? :grin:

That will be fine Guy, save the trauma of posting!

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My wife is getting some rings sized (no! stop it!) so it would probably be good for me to be elsewhere, like meeting up with you, while she’s negotiating with ring-lady (I said stop it!) :+1:


Which jeweller in Brighton?

She’s a goldsmith lady who lives in Brighton rather than a shop.

She’s been making two new rings out of my mother’s old Sauron-special.

Ah fair enough, only saying because I know the good and bad guys in the Laines. No worries :+1:t2:

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Thank you.

The wife has bought quite a lot from her at the Goldsmiths do over the years, so she was the obvious choice when commissioning something.

get some cleaning beads

these arrived today

water carafe and dual wall espresso glasses

Got some from WMF. Denture cleaning tablets work well too. It’s drying the inside that’s tricky.

I also have a decanter drying stand that’s meant to suspend them upside down, but yet again the rubbery bung thing won’t fit down the extremely narrow neck :man_facepalming:

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I’ve long been drawn to Murano glass


We bought this one off piece made/signed by Afro Celotto when we were on holiday in Venice about 20 years back. We went on a boat day trip to Murano.


If we’re going art glass, I have this Colin Reid target for children / drunken stumbles in my hallway.

It’s quite difficult to photograph.


Have you thought of mounting it on the bonnet of your car?

I think it would make a great hat

There was me thinking you had won a regional business award. Been in too many accountant offices…


… If you needed to compress several vertebrae :+1:

My dad was a wine junkie, wine society member the whole 9 yards, I inherited all his old decanters and loads of matching cut crystal wine glasses for all sorts of different wines. It’s all carefully packed into boxes in my garage at the moment and will eventually be moved to a cabinet in the house once I can be arsed to build said cabinet.
I’m not a wine junkie as I think most of it tastes like Mau’s piss filtered through a 14 year olds wank sock.

Recommend me a nice, but not silly money, whisky/rum/vodka etc glass.

The sci fi nerd in me really, really wants one of the Cibi Blade Runner glasses, but at £60+ each, it’s not going to happen. They’re pretty big too if I remember a previous discussion on here? Is there a smaller version?

I like the tulip-ish shaped ones, and I understand that they’re the ideal for appreciating the aroma and and they’re available reasonably priced, or even free with some whiskies at times.

Really, what I want is an unsubtle, yet attractive lump of glass/crystal that I won’t worry about chucking a small moon (that’s no moon…) of ice into on occasion and that I can swirl in an intimidating fashion in front of the unsuitable fuckbuddies that the FoL are inevitably going to present to me.

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Yes, there are two sizes.

I would suggest Iittala, Aarne for simplicity

Ultima Thule for a proper 70s vibe

I don’t doubt that Dartington will do loads of nice glasses of appropriate shapes and sizes.

Or maybe try these guys

Unf. many / most will come in pairs.

FWIW my current favourite is a Richard Brendon fluted single old fashioned, which I intended to use for, err, Old Fashioneds, but turned out to be better for straight shots.

I asked for it / them as a birthday and I think they are / were expensive. Sold out at source but somewhere like Conran might still have some.