Glastobabble 2022

Watching Wet Leg on iplayer (I can see me being sat here all weekend tbh).


Bah, it would appear I have no way to watch Glasto from here. Bugger.

Caught Wolf Alice and now Sigrid.
Wet leg lasted about 2 secs for Marie🙂

First Aid Kit were good.

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I haven’t heard of most of the groups so watching Crowded House.

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St Etienne :ok_hand:t2:

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Crackers :ok_hand:

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Yep but in a good way

Crackers as in Sarah Cracknell. I read somewhere ages ago that it’s her nickname. She’s been a crush of mine for 30 years!


St Vincent


Oh yeah of course she is quite hot for sure and that backing band…wow - New York one of my fave tracks of all time

Waiting for J&MC :+1::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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St Vincent on the radio. Flat. Like, really flat :grimacing:

Not played into my main system…

IDLES. :ok_hand:t3:

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J&MC :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Captive audience yesterday so sat in front of tv and watched most of the stuff I wanted.

Wet leg - great start to the day

Girl in red very good, liked the youthful don’t give a fuck just turn up in my jeans and sweatshirt vibe.

St Vincent sooo good, band were great and the whole thing really did it for me.

Hel enjoyed TLC whilst I shrugged. Backing band quality tho’

Confidence man with very energetic woman channelling 80s Madonna grooves and getting the crowd dancing

Khruangbin were very good and a nice chill out

Caught a bit of Bonobo and enough to go back and watch the rest later. Four Tet less so.

Jesus and Mary Chain sounded great and a pleasant surprise as I was expecting it to be a bit flat.

Primal Scream - meh.

Billie Eilish, nicely designed stage show but very obvious lip synching throughout was a bit disappointing.

Just watched First Aid Kit on iPlayer …They did a decent set …You have to search the different categories to find some of the sets