I don’t think that’s on iPlayer :frowning_face:

Currently enjoying Goat Girl.

Its on the web version, just re-watching it.

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It is on iPlayer, under ‘Today’ IIRC.

Whoever captioned that iPlayer link needs a kick in the bollocks.

Found it. Thanks chaps.


And yes, a hoof in the nads is more than appropriate.

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The killers always put on a show.
I’ve just never managed to be able to see them live.
Unlike the wife who seems to mange regularly. It’s freezing cold at Glasto tonight apparently.

Is ‘mange’ some kind of euphemism?

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Chemical Brothers Light Show is out of this world… as per norm.

Was OK. It’s a shame though as that they could be so much better if they learned to play their respective instruments properly.
I guess it must be like Slanglish or summat :thinking:

Chemicals absolutely smashing it, as usual

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SVT+8x10 behind Danalogue. 300W of 6550 loveliness. What you have when you can have what you want ?


The Smiths.


Good old Johnny

I think you must have suffered a heat-related brain injury while in your hammock this afternoon.

The Sons of Kemet show is also on iPlayer now. It is really good too.

Sons of Kemet were pretty good but the Comets ? Meh !

They must have had quite the weekend, they played the Eden project on Friday

I was so surprised at how rong you are about this that I left it until this morning to point out the errors of your ways.


What time is Kylie on? Asking for my daughter, obviously… cough

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When is Kylie Minogue performing at Glastonbury ? Kylie will be taking to the Glastonbury stage on Sunday 30 June on the Pyramid Stage from 3:45pm until 5pm, which is known as The Legends slot.

Didn’t know Siri was a forum member. I assume the poor thing only has an Apple HomePod setup.