Golf (aka, how to dress like a nonce)


No, they are all Goretex lined now. Which means they no longer fit. Gutted as they don’t do a bigger size.

Gone for footjoy Pro sl


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I’m delighted by this development. We were looking for similar opportunities in Edinburgh 20 yrs ago but
a) Edinburgh’s more compact, and park space without a lot of pedestrian routes is hard to find.
b) Even fewer people had heard of it back then.

But if there’s one thing that might prompt Edinburgh to keep up with the neighbours…


Can’t wait - the local neds will certainly be looking forward to it in Springburn Park mind you. :grinning:


Yes, discs have been known to disappear before the player reaches the shot.
You generally send a spotter/guarder out in front if it looks that way.

With a dollop of good luck, it’ll become something for the locals to participate in and adopt.


They’re more likely to use Buckfast bottles



What is all this disco nonsense on this thread?


9 hole comp this morning.
Got 26 pts.
There was muttering.


Is that good? :thinking:


:scream: Even @coco didn’t get that many from Les Coppers Francais. Were you reversing a borrowed Astra?


I think he was referring to 26.normal people pointing at the stupidly dressed golfist


Full numberwang, I think.


How is the Audi cuntmobile?


What Audi Cuntmobile? :thinking:
Do they make golf buggies?


Lucky to escape the car park with 26 points through 9 holes.


Arrived at golf club on Sunday and they told me there was bad news. Thought I was getting banned. Cut me 5 shots for general play. Can’t say I was unhappy with that. Down to 15. Plays in the comp (one o them that gets her name on a board). 83 for 39 points after a dodgy double on the last. Second by a shot. Bollocks. Now down to 14.1. New driver and putter working very well.


WTF do all those numbers even mean? :thinking:


Fuck all to you.




Nice one.
You must have been playing with established members to be cut by observation rather than a comp result.