The members have ordered me a new hat.


New bats collected today

5 - PW






They look too nice & shiny to play actual golf with. Can’t you use an old pair instead and use these for posing in the clubhouse?


That is a pic I nicked off the internet but mine look exactly like that at the moment. I took all the protective packaging off last night.
Saturday morning will bring a different look!


Wrapped around a tree in frustration?

That’s what used to happen to mine when i was a kid.


A certain meat man and ex forum owner doesn’t worry about trees. Always play the ball where it lies :grinning:


It was the trees fault for getting in the way !


Yes Ministers Jim Hacker


A mention in doublespeak land.



I have been awarded a handicap of 21. Golf went a bit downhill after early rounds. Bit embarrassed about it. Was hoping for 18 or less.

Still suffering with the occasional shank. Pisses me off that does.
Medal on Saturday morning. Must practice more.


Bumtell ham shanking in public. Who’d have thunk it ?