Good place to eat in Guildford?

Looking for recommendations for Guildford- something reasonable, walking distance from train station

What sort of thing were you after?

Somewhere easy and reasonably priced but nice, other than that not fussed.


Has that got any Michelin stars?

If you like Thai, the Rumwong is brilliant,but not exactly cheap.

Cheers- doesn’t look like it would be taking the piss to claim back on expenses and near my hotel so looks like a good option :+1:

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We always used to go there when work was paying! I used to live about 3 minutes walk away.

It’s a kebab shop.

If you like italian I can recommend Olivo - up a little alley near the Arnaud theatre.

I’ve always found it quiet, reasonably priced, friendly and the food is good.

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