Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


ah so true !!


Hermes delivery man.

I got home from work to find a card saying that he had tried to deliver and as there was no safe place to leave the parcel please call him on a mobile number.
I called him at 8.00 in the evening and explained that I leave for work at 7.00 in the morning.
‘No problem’ he said I will come round tomorrow morning at ten to seven’

True to his word he came round this morning. It was an expensive vinyl box set from the USA and he delivered it in perfect condition.





Let’s hope he kept to the timetable or he’ll be up on a disciplinary.


well done to japanese fans who cleaned up after their match !!


not just the Japanese but the Senegalese fans as well







3 lions on there shirts,Jules…


What a wonderous thing


4 of them now out, looking good so far.




Incredible skills and courage from everybody involved - great news they’ve managed to start gettng them out.


Looking very optimistic - much more compelling and worthy of praise than England beating some shit teams at the World Cup.:smiley:


In humanitarian terms I agree. But in footballing terms I reckon we could still beat them


I should hope so, they are only 12 and have been stuck in a cave for a few weeks.