Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


The only team of divers he’d lead would be muff divers.





Give em a cockpunch for feeling the need to marry. Who the fuck makes a deal like that?



There’s been a spate of these over the last couple of years. It’s a nice gesture but plenty of mileage for the business in good publicity.
The first time it happened I was impressed. Less so now.


made me smile


He should drop in on Liz and pick up his telegram





India v Pakistan, Yuzvendra Chahal and other great sportsmanship moments -


This refers to a young boy in our town who has been diagnosed with an incredibly rare type of leukaemia which can only be treated in America. His parents are doing a crowding fund appeal to raise the money required and in only a few weeks it has reached £125K. The local people and businesses are really getting behind this.

I’m going to do a “Guess the weight of the cabbage” down the local next weekend.


So, how are you going to get Nigel Farage to admit to his real weight? Or are you just estimating it?


I say old chap! That’s downright insulting to cabbages :rage:


Who ever said country life was dull ?


Wait for the report of the “curry and conker “ afternoon at Willey Village Hall with Lady Forestor in a few weeks. Been picking up conkers for days ready for this extravaganza.

And there is a “coffee and cribbage” competition planned.

Unfortunately I am busy for both so reports will be anecdotal.


can we all play?
I reckon you’re about 12.5 stone.


Have you forgotten that he was at Settle last weekend ?



Of course you can! It’s £1.00 a guess and if you win you you get to keep the cabbage.

But don’t worry, as VB hinted, you’re a long way off.