Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


Using a product website to diagnose an issue. The check box diagnosis worked like a gem. Company sent out the necessary part within 2 days. Part is a simple replacement. Did the replacement today. Job’s a goodun.
Squeaky has a functioning catflap again.


Is that a euphemism?



Narelle’s bedroom name?






I left my keys (My flat, Dad’s house, my car.) In a taxi in Camden last week. First I knew of it was a phone call from the cab driver. He checked where I was and returned them to the reception where I was working.
Thank you!!!


Not very good with keys and cars are you Kev? :laughing:


Obviously not :grinning:


No worries Rob, enjoy :slight_smile:


Good news came through last night. £500k raised in just 4 weeks - amazing.


That’s good news. Well done all involved.

I can’t however bring myself to give a like to a Daily Heil front page.


this isn’t about the Mail! it is about the story and some brilliant fundraising.


That’s why I said well done to all involved.




Amazing news, let’s hope the treatment is successful


Some people are well beyond the rest of us