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Somebody please stage an intervention and get this tool the help he needs :man_health_worker::woman_health_worker::man_health_worker:


Me or Ye?


Who-ever’s need is greatest and most urgent…


I’ll take whatever’s on offer


The power of music and love. It even overcomes beards.


Just a thought guys…

We started our Reverse Advent Calendar on November 1st. Simple idea. You collect for rather than take from an Advent Calendar. You collect an item a day and count down TO the START of Advent. (It helps the food banks to be stocked in advance of Xmas). Take the box to your local Food Bank. Then there is help at hand for families in crisis over Christmas. And, you don’t have to feel guilt about an excess of chocolate!

Easier still if you use toofer…deals and offers at supermarkets. Non perishable foods (no tinned tomatoes and pulses), essential toiletries and maybe something a family can enjoy over Christmas. Let’s face it, it’s no time to be hungry or helpless. I don’t know where you live, but you will find a Food Bank near you.

Two years ago we had 8 boxes from our village. Last year it was 16!


They may well have a website listing what they need.



Great idea. I’ve just looked and there’s one in Lerwick.

I’ll start a box tomorrow as we’re off to Lerwick for shopping.


My statement wasn’t 100% accurate. I know where YOU live :wink:


There is a god after all…


Inc pineapple = win!


Fantastic idea


Fantastic idea Terry.

Just started ours :+1:


We are in - but can you explain this bit please. Why no toms and what’s a pulse?


Somewhere around 70 is good.


No beans/lentils etc or tomatoes because they seem to be over run by them.


Gotcha, makes sense, just what I was about to buy.


Think I might have some dust in my eyes.


As well as food, buy sanitary products.
I know someone who volunteers at a food bank and she told me that loads of teenage girls miss days at school each month as they have to stay home.


Very true, it’s very sad this happens