Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


Loo rolls too. If you have no money then you’re short of everything.



Exactly this. We did a shop last week and the local church were doing a collection. They handed out lists of needy stuff as we went in to the supermarket. We filled a small trolleys worth of tins and stuff and then asked if they needed anything else. Toilet rolls was the reply. She said it’s nice to get all the usual stuff but everyone forgets the basics. I asked her why they didn’t put that on the list - she didn’t know!


Kate Bush pop up shop from Wednesday until Sunday in the new Coal Drops complex back of Kings Cross. Profits go to Crisis hence the Good things… post.

Already picked up some of the new pressings but will pop along next week for a couple more.




That is definitely not an Irish Proverb. It is definitely a load of badly written bollocks though.


Faith in AA humanity restored :grinning:


Meh! I should have put the boot in about the sentimental wishy-washy-ness of it too


Surely that sort of thing is a banning offence?


Fuck off ya pair of miserable cunts…


That has restored my faith in the AA’s humanity. All that sentiment was making me feel queasy…


You are so right Olan (with a big O) where is the drinking, singing and fighting?


This place in Brighton… Drool. Amazing food, full of Korean customers, always a good sign. And cheap! What’s not to like.


Not sure whether this belongs in Best of Local News or in the Cockpunching thread (for whoever did it). But since it’s ended well maybe it should go here. Why would you nick a dog like this ? No disrespect, but he’s not exactly a looker is he ?



Roofer reunited with woofer would have been nicer


Gifts from Emma for my labours today.


Don’t get too tubby prior to your sub-mistletoe assignation with La Spatch.


La Spatch is on the menu for some Christmas shenanigising… her workplace colleagues and mine for an afternoon of fun, frolics and festive intolerance. Wednesday 19th. Toon. No suntan required.

Brogues essential.


You’re self-employed (or is there still the lad ?).



No lad and associated teenage bullshit anymore thankfully.

Have a couple of good friends who are self employed and we have been helping each other out over the past couple of years. If I need a hand for a day I can get it and vice versa. Just needs good planning. Being plumbers that is the challenging part… getting one to start on time is a miracle getting two in the same place at the same time … potential singularity right there. :slight_smile:

Been working quite well and all enjoy a good laugh, unfortunately mainly at my expense . :slight_smile:


Kiss the Bigg Market for me.