Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


No lad, but a favourite wrench? Hmmm…


@maverick cheers mate :+1:


Met a wonderful community nurse in Kwik fit who was about 65 and done many many years and still loved her job , absolutely priceless


Following the recent O2 data outage, Giff Gaff my provider as means of an apology gave its customers the option of either free data or a financial contribution to a charity.

All things being equal 40% of customers opted for a charitable donation and nearly £400,000 has been raised for the homeless charity Crisis. Well done Giff Gaff.


Tesco Mobile just gave me 2GB of free data I won’t use. Wish they’d done something similar.


Same here.


Me too. Wasted


I’m wasted too.

what are we on about ?


It’s charidee, mate, but we don’t talk about it.


I’m on o2 , and they gave me 2 days free off my next bill. No option for a donation to charity. Well done to giff gaff. I know they use the o2 network , are they part of o2 ?

Talking about homeless charities, a cockpunch to the hotel in Hull!


No, they’re nothing to do with O2, they just use their network.



This fire is just round the corner from my flat in the past 90 mins. LFB and the Ambulance service provided a very large response. Fire was put out very quickly and luckily no serious injuries although a few people suffering from smoke inhalation and shock.




What a great story.


Saw this in the documentary about American children’s television host Fred Rogers Won’t You Be My Neighbour?
Think I have a speck of dust or something trapped in my eye . . .



Lump in my throat


Spit the ball back in the box then…:dog2::dog2::dog2: