Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


Fantastic idea and what a lovely looking pooch.



yes , just read that . marvellous





Kind-hearted action ends well

Lucky really, because things just might have got ‘lively’ in the back of that car.



yes watched that live on Tv , marvellous




I’ve got to go to an uncle’s 100th later this month. Looking forward to it. He’s quite sprightly with all marbles intact but it must still be like being a batsman on 99 these last few weeks.



Just to let you know that Zac arrived back home from America yesterday after his treatment. It has worked, he is in remission and is cancer free.

He’s got to go back every 3 months for a year for tests but right now we have a very happy town.

We finally raised £650k and anything left over is in a trust for cancer research. We


The best news.




Great news - I read it earlier on the BBC news page.


That’s a worthwhile result


Great news Mick.

BBC News - Zac Oliver: Shropshire boy cancer free after US treatment


fantastic , incredible effort to raise all that cash


Wonderful news.