Gospel music recommendations


Evening chaps.

What can the collective musical genius of the abattoir recommend as a good old fashioned, uplifting, rousing hallelujah type Gospel Album ?


Mahalia Jacksons version of “Come Sunday” from this all time classic album is pretty extraordinary & v spiritual.



That’s a great call Barry. :point_up_2:



Is that one of your fairly huge collection of mostly shit albums Bob?[quote=“ICHM, post:5, topic:1585, full:true”]



I did a class on Gospel music last year.
A couple that come to mind are Mavis Staples, and Elvis did a bit of Gospel singing.
More shortly, when I find my notes.


It is. First pressing too. Sounds like it is recorded on a crisp packet.




The one and only Aretha in full flow.


Thanks chaps, except @ICHM. I guess I was thinking more in the “Oh Happy Day” Gospel choir type vein.


Blind Boys of Alabama? I think Ben Harper did an album with them a few years ago that was ok


Definitely have a listen to Rosetta Tharpe. Genius.


If she’s good enough for MLK she’s good enough for me.


Well, a couple have already been mentioned; add Al Green, Sam Cooke, Fairfield Four, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Mahalia Jackson.



(I’d love original copies of these)

Probably one of the better compilation LP’s out there


That’s more like what I was looking for.



For those further interested, the story is told here.
Including where a young Elvis Presley, amongst others, learnt part of their style.