Gospel music recommendations

Evening chaps.

What can the collective musical genius of the abattoir recommend as a good old fashioned, uplifting, rousing hallelujah type Gospel Album ?

Mahalia Jacksons version of “Come Sunday” from this all time classic album is pretty extraordinary & v spiritual.

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That’s a great call Barry. :point_up_2:

Is that one of your fairly huge collection of mostly shit albums Bob?[quote=“ICHM, post:5, topic:1585, full:true”]



I did a class on Gospel music last year.
A couple that come to mind are Mavis Staples, and Elvis did a bit of Gospel singing.
More shortly, when I find my notes.

It is. First pressing too. Sounds like it is recorded on a crisp packet.

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The one and only Aretha in full flow.


Thanks chaps, except @ICHM. I guess I was thinking more in the “Oh Happy Day” Gospel choir type vein.

Blind Boys of Alabama? I think Ben Harper did an album with them a few years ago that was ok

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Definitely have a listen to Rosetta Tharpe. Genius.

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If she’s good enough for MLK she’s good enough for me.

Well, a couple have already been mentioned; add Al Green, Sam Cooke, Fairfield Four, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Mahalia Jackson.

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(I’d love original copies of these)

Probably one of the better compilation LP’s out there

That’s more like what I was looking for.


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For those further interested, the story is told here.
Including where a young Elvis Presley, amongst others, learnt part of their style.


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