Grand Seiko SBGH001G

After a fair spot of agonising I have decided to move on my Grand Seiko SBGH001G, it is near mint as you may discern from the last few images that I posted, complete box n papers n tag and including its totally unworn steel GS bracelet , the one that I recently mounted the timepiece on being a GS spare, also included a Grand Seiko leather deployment clasp strap, a little worn but quite functional…

Asking a Meat Man £2950 plus shipping of choice at cost… shall be listing on C24 at £3350 if no interest…


Wonderful and better finished hands and dial than a Rolex!

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Like that :+1:

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The Zaratsu hand polishers are master craftsmen in their own right…

Something for the weekend Sir !


What a beautiful watch and a genuine alternative to a Snowflake.

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Just shown this to a watch dealer (who’s a customer, not just a random!) and he said it’s a stonking bargain.

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Now On Thief Bay… :frowning_face:


Happy snap added of the associated Box and papers …

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£2695 Meat Man Special

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Mods … could you close this one down please as the watch has sold , Ta Muchly