Greedy fuel companies

It’s not just oil companies making big profits , a lot of petrol stations are not passing on fuel duty cuts and slow to pass on oil price reductions. Hawes is in the Yorkshire Dales
This one in Hawes makes profits and subsidises the local bus services.

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How much does that station pay the supplier for a litre of fuel ?

I don’t know but it is owned by the community…

Knowing how clogged up Hawes gets with visiting/passing through traffic that seems like a brilliant idea.
they need a decent bus service round there.

I ask because many retailers are beholden to their suppliers and can only add their usual mark-ups.
They have no control over the amount of duty.

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In the nearly 3 years we’ve lived here, our little petrol station in the village has never been particularly cheap - usually 10/12 pence more than the nearest Morrisons and Tesco.
Just lately though, a complete turn around.
I first noticed about 3 weeks back they had unleaded for £1.66. This week it’s £1.60. Local Tesco is £1.70 for standard ul and £1.80 for super.
When I went in to buy fuel, I was surprised to see they still had old style mechanical revolving dial pumps, one for diseasel and one for unleaded with an attendant doing the filling. More surprising still, the unleaded pump was labelled E5 Super. I asked the attendant about this and he said they’ve only ever sold super unleaded. £1.60 for 97/98 is a keen price around here!
On the downside though, it could be a record for the largest discrepancy between gas and derv - the diesel costs £192.9, a difference of 32.9p! :rofl: