Groove Armada, SACD, WTF?

After an admittedly indiscriminate trawl through the CDs in a charity shop in East Dulwich (usually whatever the hipsters bought before they had kids) I came away very pleased to have picked up a copy of The Wonder Stuff’s Hup

However I now find that I’ve also picked up a “hybrid SACD” of Lovebox by Groove Armada.

I say again, err, WTF?

I’ve heard the term SACD before, but never encountered one in real life. Do people still use these things? It looks like the digital equivalent of 8 track to me.

If you don’t want it, send it to me.

SACD cos’ it’s better than perfect sound for ever :+1:

First off the Wonder Stuff CD needs to go in the bin :nauseated_face:

There are lots of SACD players out there, but probably not worth getting a unit for that Groove Armada album.

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Hmm, average sold price on discogs is about £100. Double WTF :thinking:

Heathen. I take it you didn’t grow up in the 80s.

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I did, but listening to better music :nerd_face:

I didn’t grow up in the 80’s either. In fact according to Mrs VB I haven’t grown up in any decade (she lives in hope).


4 Likes You could get one of these.

Yes but only in the classical world really.

Looks like a bargain :thumbsup:

Is that anywhere near where you live?


Too near for her own good, truth be told. That said, she’s out in the garden as I write, self-harming with nicotine, but she’ll be warm in the bed later.


I’m surprised you haven’t got one Dave :slight_smile:

I was thinking about it Jim but I will not be streaming sounds anytime soon. I have gone back to using my dac in the AcousticPlan Vadi and my TotalDac is idle at the moment so buying a Transport is not out of the question.

Are you Mr Barlow?

As befits my role as a capitalist wart on the backside of humanity I’m going to stick it on eBay with a starting price of £50 and see what happens.

The only other copy on there is a chancer asking USD 500, for an admittedly mint copy.

A nice chap asked me what I’d accept for BIN, so I tweaked the auction, and this gem of 90s chill-out has just paid for 6 months of Spotify.