" guitar is all that's left now." name your players

I thought we had a favourite guitar players thread but I couldn’t find one.
After listening to B-52’s party mix I felt the need to eulogise about the amazing talent that Was Ricky Wilson. Quite possibly the most original and certainly one of the most talented guitarists ever. His playing style is unique and his ability to sound like 2 or 3 people playing simultaneously is IMO unsurpassed.
Bob Casale from Devo was another highly original and hugely talented guitarist who’s playing style was much admired.
Being a (shit) guitarist myself I love to here a nice bit of playing.
Who do you rate?

Johnny Marr
Johnny guitar Watson


Richard Thompson
Anna Calvi

Robert Smith


In no particular order

Michael Hedges
Rory Block
Joe Bonamassa
Nancy Wilson
Jeff Beck
Big Bill Broonzy
Buddy Guy
John McLaughlin

How could I forget

Wilco Johnson

I must add
Keith Levene.
Hugh Cornwall
Guy Days
Ivy Rorschach
Brian Setzer

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Adrian Smith
Alex Skolnick

Vini Reilly
Bernard Albrecht (JD stuff only)
Ron Asheton
John Williams

He always looked so uncomfortable playing.

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Peter Green
Hubert Sumlin

and a predictable entry (and amazed nobody has mentioned him yet) err, Jimi

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David Gilmour.


Allan Holdsworth

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That’s because he is such a limited player. He achieved wonderful outcomes an a highly original sound with a limited technique.

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Lists of guitarists. :roll_eyes:

How about posting some music you knobs?


yep - take the guitar away, and it’ll look like they’re wanking :+1:

Larry Carlton
Great player who taught many of the famous names in popular rock music.

So many great players far too many to list. I like guitar players with a unique sound of their own, too many are generic or copy other peoples signature sounds.


Brings a new meaning to the Riverside Blues…


And a guitar is a pretty useless thing to take with you to go fishing.

Dean Wareham