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Browns defence were awesome

Raiders rack up 7 straight wins against the Broncos :grin:

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Not the start the Giants were hoping for but not quite as bad as the score suggests. The score flattered the Cowboys.

Cowboys defence was very good. Game got away from the Giants early with the blocked field goal returned for a touchdown and a pick six.

I enjoyed the Dolphins Chargers match. Excellent attacking football, and one of the defences actually turned up, albeit only in about the last three plays of the whole game.

As a sport for a neutral, the number of close games with exciting finishes is great.

Jets-Bills was a good’un :slightly_smiling_face:


Watching Atlanta@Detroit. Good game so far (1st quarter), two up and coming teams. Detroit pass rush that was being criticized has shown up, 2 consecutive sacks on the Falcons last possession

The Fish scored how many?

Made it to 70. Looks like the Chiefs are going to do the same thing to the Bears :bear:.
Watching Dallas getting shocked by Arizona :smiley:


Chiefs v Bears is the featured game here

Franchise record #FinsUp

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Still early days, but there’s a lots of pundits backing the Dolphins in the AFC this year.

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Dallas can’t score today and the defence that has helped carry them in the first two games was missing Trevon Diggs. Shocking :flushed:

Just watching highlights of Broncos-Dolphins, holy fuck Denver are shit :joy:

Not in this thread :grinning: 5 have gone for The Bills as division winners. Long way to go.

Bit annoying really, while the Chiefs are good to watch, it was somewhat one sided!

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