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Sounding now like it was a gang confrontation breaking out in the midst of a massive crowd :worried: Not shocked anymore, it’s still sad to see, but just numbed to it now.

Latest Tay-Tay/CIA/White House Super Bowl conspiracy. . . final score 25-22 - 25+22=47. 47 is a magic number in QAnon, it’s the number of the next President.
Thing is, if Biden wins he’s still th 46th President, his successor will be 47.

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I see that there is a lot of stuff being written about free agents in the NFL. that is players out of contract, with some quite big names among them.
Take for example Chris Jones of the Chiefs.
I am sure he can demand a big pay cheque.
Do the Chiefs have first option on his contract?
Presumably they would have to factor in a high salary in to their price cap
Or is he literally a free agent and able to go where he likes?

Other big names up this year are Odell Beckham Jr, Derrick Henry, Saquon Barkley, Ryan Tannehill, Baker Mayfield, Kyle Van Noy among others

If the player is under 2 seasons of service, they have no negotiating rights with other teams and must accept the offered contract. Usually for bench riders, it’s a one year minimum salary deal.
If a player has 3 seasons of service they are free to negotiate with other teams. If they haven’t signed a contract by draft time, their rights revert to their old club. If they sign with a new team at this point, their original team can make a matching offer or receive a draft pick in compensation.
A player with more than 4 seasons service is an unrestricted free agent.



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I don’t quite understand how that works.
If he is going to be paid multi millions by the Broncos for the next two years, could he go to a struggling team for Purdy style money (Or indeed nothing at all) and they would get a QB and have nothing on their salary cap budget and spend elsewhere to help them to a better place?
So the Broncos would in effect be subsiding another team?

Why would he play for free? I don’t think he’s good enough to do a Tom Brady and go to a decent team lacking a QB and win the Superbowl. I would have thought that he would either retire, or find a team that needs a QB for a year as they bring in a young one.

Really can’t understand why Denver signed him up for so long though.

Ego for starters
Also I am not sure how a relatively young guy who has only known the team structure and support of the NFL would find sitting on his butt doing nothing.
Indolence is my happy place but probably not that of a SB winner

He’s not that young - 35. It’s the sunset of his career. I think that a team could take him on to help to bring their newbie on - Wilson would start but the newbie could really learn from this, and in a year the newbie is the starter, maybe earlier. That takes the pressure off a young player.

I can’t see any team basing their whole team around Wilson, as you know you’ll only get 2-3 years and he’s no Tom Brady. I think that the Broncos were crazy to do basically that, and now it’s cost them big.

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I think the Broncos ‘only’ have to pay him the $40m that is guaranteed for this year, so any team taking him on will have to pay him next year. This will limit his options in addition to his obvious decline in ability over the last three years. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just retired.

I just love the fact they have to pay him an enormous sum for NOT playing for them, which then means they are $40m down on their salary budget which weakens them further by not being able to hire a big hitter elsewhere in their squad. The draft picks they’ve thrown away is just the icing on the cake.

I think that the last couple of seasons have really highlighted the dependency of a team on a really good QB. Yes I know it’s obvious, but it’s a massive dependency. If you don’t have a great one you won’t win the Superbowl, and if you don’t have a really good one you’ll struggle to get to the playoffs. I think that this is becoming an even bigger thing than ever.

So the Broncos were desperate, gambled and lost. Oh well!

And unless QB is sat behind a rock solid OL then they also need to be quick on their feet to extend plays and add rushing yards to 3rd downs. Russell Wilson was definitely not the latter!

They don’t stay quick for long though. And usually get battered. And they need a good set of receivers, oh and a good running game so those receivers arnt always covered.


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Oh and good coaches and offensive and defensive coordinators.

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Tennessee showing their intent. Big trade . . .

They still let Henry go to the Ravens

New Titans coach, different offensive scheme. Henry at the money wasn’t a good fit anymore