Has anyone done a driving experience day?

It’s Sasha’s 50th on Friday (I know I look older than her), and she’s well into fast cars. I’d like to buy her a supercar / single seater / hot lap etc day.

Has anyone been on one and effing loved it. If so, let me know.

And if you’ve been on one that didn’t feel worth the £pend then also… Etc…
Fanks. :+1:

Oh and Brands Hatch is nearest.

Years and years ago you could get a voucher for Silverstone which let the recipient choose. Mrs VB got one each for me and her brother for Xmas. Options included skid-pan, off-road, touring car etc etc … and single-seater. It took both of us about a nanosecond to pick single-seater. 20 mins instruction in a classroom then round the Stowe circuit for 45 mins or so. A few laps behind a pace car to let us get the hang of it then we were on our own. There were dire warnings of being pulled over if we tried anything daft, so no-one did. We loved it, even though it was snowing (!) for the last few laps. It’s not altogether wise to let people who’ve just done it get back in their road cars and try to drive home though.


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I did a Brands Hatch day, many years ago.
Very good, but it rained, so really took the fun edge off.
Did a rally car day, which was great fun.
Did a four wheel course, day, and that was a lot more fun, than you might imagine.
Another thing to consider, is a proper karting outing. Very safe, and you feel you are really racy.

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Probably too far away, but I had a ball in a Ferrari here. It was a present, so I didn’t know the cost, but prices are on the website.


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That was the beauty of our Formula First cars. Stowe is small and some of the corners are tight so you can’t really get the car up to its top speed. But you are lying nearly horizontal with an open top just inches above the tarmac, so 80mph feels really fast !


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Narelle did a skid pan “Car Control” day in a Silverstone carpark…

I’ve done a rally day in Kent and a single seater day at Donnington…

Plus numerous “track days” with borrowed performance cars and an F1 weekend in the south of France.

With the exception of the F1 weekend, all were cheap and good fun. The F1 trip was expensive but a dream experience.


What is an F1 weekend in the south of France? Please expand…

Thanks gents btw.

I’m planning a day at the track followed by a night at a decent hotel… Just hope I can develop enough horsepower of my own to make the evening as fun as the day (yeah, I know, fat chance).


The single seat stuff is mind bending. I got taken round Brands Hatch in a converted single-seater by a pro racer, at about 70% of his max abilities. Damn near ripped my neck off.


It was a package of hotel for two nights and 2 days of various cars (of increasing performance) around the Albi circuit, culminating in 10 laps in a Tyrrell 024 Formula 1 car.


Shiiiit that sounds effing epic.

It was. I was grinning for months. It also cost me a fuck off huge diamond for Narelle :grin:

Not this actual company but it’s predecessor…

I did Johnathon Palmer race days a couple of times. We did the full day with the companyfor a customer treat. Cars have changed since I did it but the experience is epic.

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I did see an advert for an RX8 track day. Only 50 quid and you get to keep the car at the end.


I’ve done quite a few, driven a couple of Rally cars on ice, few track days at Donnington park and other tracks, some in my own mini and one in the tracks cars.
I’ve personally never been bothered with the super car thing, I’ve always got the most satisfaction with driving something where I can push the limit and have time to find it which meant for me 2 stroke karts and my own Mini.

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Do they provide the bin bag and the shovel?

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That’s the one I was looking at. We had a box at brands one year and I met Jonathan a couple of times. He’s a really nice bloke so I’m happy to give him my cash…

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If your lady prefers training over an experience then this might be good.
I did the bronze level about 10 years ago which was half a day.
This one is 3 days.
On a lighter (heavier) note, when I went I entertained all every time i had to get in or out of the Elise being about 20 stone. :smiley:
I suspect I may have had an affect on the power to weight ratio.


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What about this then?

Driving and death match. Gotta be good and it’ll be free.


The only problem was a rule that you cannot drive if you are colour blind - which I am - I fibbed. Never worked out why that was supposed to be a problem.

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