Has anyone done a driving experience day?

I’ve driven single seaters, sports cars, Ferraris, done a rallying day and spent a day driving film star cars. To top all this, in our Christmas raffle at work last year I won a “drive four supercars and then get taken around the track by someone who actually knows what they’re doing” experience which i have yet to book but am extremely excited about. I couldn’t recommend any of them highly enough for anyone who loves driving.

That said, one word of warning. After the last experience, I suggested to Mrs. B that she ought to do one, as she is also into fast cars, loves driving like a lunatic and adores Aston Martins. Consequently, I felt sure that driving an Aston, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Caterham, or even an American muscle car would be right up her street. However, when we looked at the vehicles on offer from the people I did my last session with, there was only one thing she got properly excited about, and that was the opportunity to drive an Volvo articulated lorry. I didn’t see that coming at all…


I drove one on the Jonathan Palmer day. Starting off in 10th gear was an eye opener and reversing was seriously fun. Top speed of 10 mph allowed.

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I reckon she’d love that! Will seek it out.

Here y’go:


They also do various combined multi-vehicle options so you can do a bit of everything.

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