Headphone recos please

I’ve been banned from playing music out loud during working hours :frowning_face: so the Eclipse TDs that are plugged into the computer via a Dragonfly are going in the cupboard.

I already have a nice pair of Sennheisers that I got from @chelseadave a few years ago, but now looking for something perhaps a bit shinier.

Probably over-ear, closed back. Also, I have a freakishly large head.

Budget up to £500?

Thanks in advance.

B&W P7s are really pretty good, should come in budget with lots of scope for a decent phone amp.

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Teribil Beyers. Yours for double your budget.

Stax on Facebook for £700 No idea if that’s a good price

That’s the issue.


I’m not sure I could bring myself to pay £500 for closed-back headphones when open ones are so much better.

Anyway, buy the Raals.

I dunno really.

I’m used to saying “closed back” because office and travel, but I guess these are literally for sitting in front of a computer at home.

This looks like the “starter kit”

any good?

These appear to be reassuringly expensive :+1: :moneybag:

I have the open-backed Audeze LCD-2, and they’ve completely redefined what I thought a headphone is capable of. Incredible. I can’t imagine they’ll have compromised much, to make a closed-back one, though as you say, you’re only using them at home anyway, so it’s probably not so much of an issue.

Once you’ve heard a decent pair of electrostatic phones, there’s no going back.

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I’d love to hear those!

I’d love Stax headphones, but I hate buying the bottom rung on any ladder as I get the jitters knowing there is something much better. Stax go very expensive, you obviously need the valve amp system etc etc. The Raals start expensive but don’t need a dedicated amp. Just that they are 5x your budget and open… :slight_smile:

Raals are on the want list :heart_eyes:

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I had the bottom Stax set a few years ago. Decent, but hardly any lower frequency out of them, so moved them on. I have several pairs of different brands now, and it’s worth trying a few on if you can, as there can be a big difference in comfort between them. Some have high clamping force, or are noticeably heavier.
Good thing with 'phones is it is easy to buy a few pairs used or ex dem, and move on the ones that don’t suit, without losing too much cash in the process.

Surely can only be King of Headphone:

In the spirit of really useful, forum advice, I’ve got a pair of these here at the moment- they’re great and what’s spaffing the budget by 1,000% when all is said and done?

Being momentarily on point, I’d look at these. I’ve been using the 2000Z for years and it’s seriously comfortable, easy to drive and doesn’t leak a lot of noise.

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Every time I’ve had Stax headphones in I realize the same thing over and over again- Those damn things make my ears too hot.

These are in budget when in stock and look interesting:

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Maybe have a look around here.


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