Headphones for student - advice

Niece is off to Uni and I have promised her a pair of headphones. Looking for over the ear for c£100.

Any thoughts ?

Bluetooth, presumably?

Grado sr60?
Open or closed? Wire or not?

He said headphones not broadcast devices for the rest of her flat mates



This, on the assumption you are buying for her not for you :wink:

Would avoid Grado on the basis of build quality. I have a pair of SR80i that the plastic bracket keeps detaching from the earpiece.

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Sennheiser Circumaural HD380 Pro are very good.

Would make sense I guess

Closed. Mainly for use with a laptop but would sense to work with portable.

Not sure an 18 year old girl would pick these

Tell her to ask another teenager, they know everything.

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I don’t know, but this or this might help

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Dr. Dre?

Yeah, has to be Beats

My niece had Beats and wouldn’t hear a word against them. Until she borrowed a pair of Sennheiser Momentum over ear phones from me and realised how bass heavy and shit the Beats really are.


Momentums. No idea about the wireless versions, and can’t remember how much they cost, but they are quality headphones

Yeah, but teenager reasons

Speaking as a very experienced academic with 30+ years of dealing with undergraduates I would spend 50% of the budget on some half decent cans. Then, when she has lost the first pair (or had them nicked), you can replace them and seem like the bestest uncle ever.


I am a mere whipper snapper in comparison with a paltry 26 years of dealing with undergraduates, and I concur

Who’s most seniorest of you two then ? :joy: