wired, closed back, over or on ear and no more than £100

any suggestion? Be great if available in John Lewis az I’ve got vouchers to use

Sennheiser Momentums?

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Theres a guy on PFM selling some over ear momentums for 120, but open to offers:

Then spend £15 on a Sonneteer Bard’s Headspace for a more open listening experience.

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I wonder what the difference is between “IoS” labelled and “Android” labelled. I should have said they are for use with my Android phone

Its to do with the inline remote control for skipping tracks etc. I have an iOS version that i use with my Android phone. It just means you have to use the phone for choosing songs and answering calls. The microphone still works though. You can replace the cord for an android one if it bothers you, all the difference is in the cord, not the headset.

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I think they are the larger over/around ear ones. The on ear ones are cheaper new from HMV and sometimes Sennheiser direct.

I have the on ear ones and they are very good.

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Yeah, mine are the on ears. I got them direct from Sennheiser for £40 in a flash sale.

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In true forum style these are a little over budget, but one of the best I’ve had for both home and travel for reasonable money. Bettered by momentum over ear and B&O P7, but that’s just extra dosh.


Just noticed he dropped the price to £100 further down his thread. Bargain.

If you watch the eBay auctions, and wait it out, you’ll get a pair of Audeze Sines for not much over £100, and you’ll be seriously glad you did. At that kind of budget level, I wouldn’t remotely consider anything else.

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may be its me, but I am not entirely sure, I want to wear headphones that others have used extensively. Yes I know you can clean them and get new ear pads etc…but still leaves me uncomfortable.

Anyway, I went and bought some on ear Sennheiser momentum 2’s that some of you recommended.


know what you mean about the hygiene thing, good choice in the end, enjoy :+1:


I am looking for something similar, let us know what you think when they arive.

These sound / look interesting.

Being electrostatic, could my phone drive them, or would I need an amp, battery PSU, Bat Belt etc?


will do

They usually come with a lightning cable with inbuilt DAC, called Cipher. So if you have an iPhone, they are essentially made for it. I’m surprised how much use I get out of them, time-wise, with my iPhone 6S. I do have the phone in a smart-battery case though, so I am extending the battery life. But still, they seem to use minimal power, even with the DAC cable. They also have a regular jack cable. Reports are they aren’t as good with that, out of a phone jack socket, but they are good headphones whatever, so they won’t be shit with just a jack cable, but the Cipher improves them massively, as would any other portable DAC. I imagine that Chord Mojo would do a nice job.

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I agree completely. However, I have no objection to headphones that someone has used minimally. I paid £150 for an “as new, hardly used” pair of Sines, and sure enough they were clearly effectively brand new. Considering they cost £500 new, I was well chuffed. But I waited months to get a pair at that price. I’m a bit of an Audeze fanboy. Insanely good headphones. For me they pretty much redefine what a headphone is about. Audeze are leading the field in electrostatic phones. I also have the LCD2s, which are another beast again.

That’s exactly what I was after, cheers :+1:

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arrived, nicely packed and feel very well built. They come drawstring bag and a travel case.

Ive only tried them for a few minutes and they fit comfortably and sound way nicer than my AKG over ears. They are more comfortable than the over ears.
And they sound better, more open and expansive than my Sony wireless IEMs.

I tune the sound using the equaliser on my phone as k like a bit more bass. I think they sound great and suit the music i listen to (grime, reggae, hiphop, etc) driven by my phone (Samsung Note9). They must be an easier load than the AKGs as they go much louder.

I’ll write some more when ive listened more. But my first inpressions are they are good for the money i paid (£80)


Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I think I will have to have a think about this.
I have a Pixel 2 phone so would have to carry an adaptor for a 3.5 phono socket which knocks out the Audeze Sines as they seem to be for iPhone.
Bluetooth would be good, and I would probably use them on the train so they would need to be closed backed.

I seem to have mislaid my Shure E2 in ear phones which I had for over 10 years and were excellent once you got them fitting properly and got used to them.

Got me thinking