i really likemy Sony wireless IEMs, but every time i went to use them, i’d forgotten to charge them. Hence reverting back to wired phones.


I think the S/H thing becomes a different matter when applied to the higher end, not dissimilar to Hifi in general. I demoed a pair of LCD XC a couple of weeks ago to see how much they would improve upon my B&W P7.
Short answer is they were so good I have been looking for a S/H pair ever since. Wouldn’t care if Worzel Gummage was the previous owner.


I suppose that would depend on which 'ed he 'ad on.



i dont want someone else’s ear mites or ear worms infiltrating me.

Just think about it, some dreadful hour long prog shite could have earwormed its way in and ended up violating my brain…fuck that, gimme new virgin phones everyday


Haha, yeah I can only imagine! My LCD-2s, and the Sines, are like audio crack. I’ve never experienced headphones that are actually addictive, till I came across Audeze.